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Sega 32X Reviews

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (32X)

Hey look! It’s another version of Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure. I guess the 32X version was collecting dust in some ancient 16-bit temple somewhere, but we finally tracked it down for a review. If you’re really a nit-picker and need to know the differences between all three versions, now’s your chance! Read the full review and hope we don’t find a Master System version with Power Base Converter for a review!

Sega CD Reviews

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (CD)

Activision has spent the better part of the past two decades trying to recapture the magic (and the sales) of the original Pitfall! To say that it’s been mostly unsuccessful would be something of an understatement, with most of the games that have appeared bearing the famous moniker have fallen far, far short of David Crane’s 1982 classic. Probably the only title in recent years to come close was The Mayan Adventure, a game that had players assume the role of Pitfall Harry’s son on a mission to rescue his famous father. Activision apparently saw what it had, and it went on to release versions of its wayward hit on every console under the sun.