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Soccer fans who haven’t played Striker are missing out. It’s one of the better MD representations of the sport, but the fact that it only came out in Europe has probably kept many fans unaware of its existence. They should check it out, as its solid gameplay and great presentation are sure to thrill.

Genesis Reviews

Power Drive

Rally racing is an underrepresented sub-genre on most consoles, but many people are surprised to know that there are rally games on the Genesis. Power Drive is one of the better examples, presenting a solid package of visuals and gameplay. Fans would do well to give this European import title a try.

Genesis Reviews

Ultimate Soccer

There are plenty of soccer titles on the Genesis, but few match the monsters that are FIFA and Sensible Soccer. Rage Software’s Ultimate Soccer made a dash for the cup, but it was ultimately eliminated due to an unintuitive camera, poor presentation, and mediocre gameplay.