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Reader Roundtable Vol. 124

As we do every month, our staff and readers share the games they’ve been enjoying during the month of July. There’s a varied selection that’s sure to have something for everyone, so take some time from the beach and sun and see what we’ve been playing. You’re bound to find something you haven’t seen before or a classic you’ve been meaning to revisit, so sit back, grab a nice, cold drink, and fire up that Genesis!

Features, Reader Roundtable

Reader Roundtable Vol. 120

Winter is gone, and hopefully it’s getting warmer where you live. That means it’s going to be sunny and pleasant outside, making it that much harder to resist the temptation to stay indoors and play Sega. Be strong! Don’t give into your basic urges! You can take a pill for vitamin D, and if you want fresh air, just open a window! Stay inside and try out one of the great games in this month’s Roundtable!