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Genesis Reviews

Mario Lemieux Hockey

The thing I remember most about Mario Lemieux Hockey is that it came with a real hockey puck. The oversized box protruding from the store shelf is an image that I’ll never forget. Unfortunately, that might be about the only thing this game has that makes it stand out, and Sega more or less only succeeded in simply filling a hole in the Genesis library by releasing it. Like many of the early sports titles on the console, it wasn’t anything to write home about – except for that cool hockey puck.

Genesis Reviews

ESPN Sunday Night NFL

With all the football games available on the Genesis, you’d expect some of them to be bad. What you wouldn’t expect is for any of them to be this bad. ESPN Sunday Night NFL is a train wreck of a game that does nothing to keep players interested, and about the only real football sensation anyone will get from playing it is that of a quarterback when they toss this turd across the room.

Genesis Reviews

Batman: Revenge of the Joker

For your gaming pleasure, today we have a review for Batman: Revenge of the Joker. Poor Bats never seems to get a fair shake, and his spotty gaming history is full of “could-have-beens,” including this one. Originally released on the NES, most people thought the Genesis port would take advantage of the more powerful hardware and offer the maximum experience. In reality, the NES game is better.