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Preview: Road Avenger Novel

Penned by author Mary Margaret Park and given the full blessing of G-Mode (the holder of most of the defunct Data East’s franchises), the Road Avenger novel is slated to burn rubber into bookstores sometime next year. We managed to avoid SCUM patrols long enough to get our hands on a preview of the book, and our impressions are now available for all to see. Read the full article and get ready for some driving action!

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Interview: Mary Margaret Park (Author)

In the last installment of MEGA Bites, we mentioned that the green light was given for a novelization of the Data East laser disc game (and Sega-16 favorite) Road Avenger. As major fans of the game, we weren’t content with mere news blurbs, and we managed to pry author Mary Margaret Park away from her writing long enough to get the lowdown on this interesting take on the property. Read our full interview for all the details, and no, the book won’t come with a copy of the theme song.

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Road Avenger

Genre: FMV Developer: Wolfteam Publisher: Renovation Players: 1 Released: 1992 Sometimes, I’m amazed at all the hate the Sega CD FMV games get. All too often, people lump the good ones in with the bad, and take a large dump on the whole lot. No, there is no love for this genre, no matter who you ask. This is obviously […]