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Typical of the decisions SoA was making at the time, Ranger-X was ignored by the marketing brains in favor of such classics as Sewer Shark and Ground Zero Texas, and was tragically overlooked by the majority of the gaming public. What makes this unsung hero so great?

Genesis Reviews


MERCS is a top-down run-‘n-gun a la Ikari Warriors that was released in arcades in the early ’90s. The Genesis version actually 1ups its older sibling by having two separate modes of play: arcade and original. In arcade mode, your mission is to rescue a former U.S. president. In original, you must destroy a foreign nation’s supply of ballistic missiles.

Genesis Reviews

Mega Turrican

Data East brought us one of the best run-‘-n-gunners on the Genesis, and gamers were amazed at the evolution of Turrican from his original Accolade release. That had a lot to do with these being the only Turrican titles released on the platform, but what a way to cap off the series!