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Genesis Reviews

Will Harvey’s Zany Golf

Many gamers grew up with the local mini golf center, or “putt putt.” Ah, spending a Saturday night playing a few rounds, wasting quarters on Ms. Pac-Man and other classic coin-ops, and finishing it all off with some tasty nachos. Not a bad way for a young teen to spend an evening, but what did you do when it rained or you had no money? Why, you played Zany Golf! Well, at least you did on the computer. The Genesis port didn’t fare too well in the transition, and that’s a shame, as Will Harvey’s classic was a true blast to play when it debuted for the Apple II in 1988. Sluggish control is a constant reminder that this is a game meant to be played with a mouse, and the overall package hasn’t aged well at all.

Genesis Reviews

Immortal, The

You’ve blown through Crusader of Centy, finished Landstalker, played through Light Crusader, and you’re wondering what’s next. Well, before emitting a Darth Vader-like “all too easy” at the lack of adventure/RPGs left for you to conquer. Well, why not go back to the early years of the Genesis’ life and try out one that’s harder than all of those combined? If you’re looking for the big boss on the adventure/RPG ladder, look no further than Will Harvey’s The Immortal. There are more traps, goblins, and giant worms than you can shake a +1 Staff of Fire at!