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Genesis Reviews

Sesame Street Counting Cafe

As part of the short-lived “EA Kids” line, Sesame Street Counting Cafe featured that famous duo of Grover and Mr. “Fat Blue” Johnson, in a restaurant setting that sought to help kids count food. Read our full review and don’t worry about the fly in your soup; he won’t eat much.

Genesis Reviews

Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio

The Sega Club line of games was aimed at the younger Genesis demographic, and one of the odder releases was Wacky Worlds Creative Studio. Just how “creative” Sega expected anyone to get with this amalgam of painting, and music composition is anyone’s guess, but it at least included the Mega Mouse.

Sega CD Reviews

Kids on Site

The short-lived Sega Club brand encompased a few scant cartridges, and it even managed to make its way to the Sega CD before disappearing entirely when Sega made the jump to the Saturn. Among its offerings was Kids on Site, an FMV title that had children working at a construction site and using heavy machinery to complete different tasks. A bit too simple for the older set, the kiddies at least had the chance to squash someone with a steam roller. Wait… what?