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Genesis Reviews

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Sega has made a lot of quality sports games over the years. One genre where its efforts have been largely under-appreciated has been golf. The Genesis is chock loaded with golf games, and some of the best came from Sega itself. Case in point: Pebble Beach Golf Links, a 16-meg, four-player monster that’s as easy to play as it is appealing to look at.

Genesis Reviews

Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio

The Sega Club line of games was aimed at the younger Genesis demographic, and one of the odder releases was Wacky Worlds Creative Studio. Just how “creative” Sega expected anyone to get with this amalgam of painting, and music composition is anyone’s guess, but it at least included the Mega Mouse.

Genesis Reviews

3 Ninjas Kick Back

Ah, licensed games. It seems that at some point, any movie making over a certain amount of money has to have a video game tie-in. Sometimes, the game is better than the film, and sometimes it’s worse. Most often though, the two suck about equally. 3 Ninjas Kick Back is one such title, and anyone who thinks that a trio of children could qualify as anything even remotely ninja-like deserve to spend a half hour in the company of the real thing – while dressed as a pirate. Oh yeah, I went there.

Features, Stories from the Book of Genesis

Stories from the Book of Genesis Vol. 25

It’s always heartwarming to hear that the Genesis has been a major part of someone’s childhood, especially when the person telling the tale wasn’t even alive when the console first launched. Sega’s little black box has charmed gamers over the years, and it has proven that 16-bit gaming is eternal. This was the case with the contributor behind volume twenty-five of Stories from the Book of Genesis. His story is one like many others, and the fun times had with the Genesis and friends are things that are never forgotten.