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Double Vision: Requiem for Sega Visions Magazine

With a talented staff and no shortage of great games and hardware to cover, Sega Visions had the potential to rival Nintendo Power in size and quality. Unfortunately, it was forever denied prominence due to internal feuding and politics at Sega. Still, it was the only official U.S. magazine ever released by Sega, and it lasted for more than half a decade.


Interview: Bill Kunkel (Games Journalist)

Bill Kunkel is widely considered by most to be the father of video game journalism, and his work on the classic magazine Electronic Games will forever be remembered. He also was the Game Doctor in Sega Visions and wrote the Niles Nemo comic strip that ran there for six issues. Sega-16 talked to him for a bit about his experiences at the magazine, and you know you want to read it!