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Genesis Reviews

Syd of Valis

Once a proud example of action/platforming that could tell a story, the Valis series has since deteriorated into a mockery of its former self, like a beauty queen turned crack whore. However, long before it went Hentai, Valis began its downward slide with a game that proved Telenet simply no longer cared. This is what we got instead of a true Valis II port…

Genesis Reviews

Valis III

Despite two other releases, Genesis owners were lucky enough to get a great port of Valis III. Sure, it’s missing some levels and a few cut scenes, but this is essentially the same game, and it was one of the big draws from Renovation upon its debut. Moreover, it has perhaps one of the best endings of the pre-CD era, a perfect cap to the awesome storyline that unfolds between stages (complete with Engrish and everything!).