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Saturn Reviews


Hideo Kojima’s Snatcher is often hailed as one of the best reasons to buy a Sega CD. A well-received sequel was released on the PlayStation and Saturn but never made it stateside, depriving fans of a great adventure game. Thankfully, it was finally fan-translated a few years back and we can now enjoy what Kojima himself considers the definitive version.

Sega CD Reviews


Long before Hideo Kojima became obsessed with Metal Gear Solid, he crafted one of the most memorable and acclaimed games of the 8 and 16-bit generations. The only problem is that he’s never revisited it on any platform and has all but forgotten the series, much to the dismay of fans everywhere. With its gripping plot and well-developed characters, Snatcher is perhaps the best digital comic ever made and reason enough to make you run out and get a Sega CD. The fact that it’s the only English console release doesn’t any either.