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Sega CD Reviews

Shining Force CD

In a bold move that pleased many fans, Sega upgraded and placed both Game Gear Shining Force games on a single disc for the Sega CD. They even went so far as to include some awesome extras, like a wonderful soundtrack and an exclusive battle! Shining Force CD is a definite purchase for strategy/RPG fans and Shining faithful alike!

Genesis Reviews

Shining Force II: Seal of the Ancients

It’s pretty obvious to everyone that the Genesis wasn’t known for its RPGs. It’s not to say that it didn’t have them, it did, just not as many as the SNES, and of those, only a handful (around 10) were really worth playing. You had the obvious games like the Phantasy Star series, the Shining series, and games like Beyond Oasis and Crusader of Centy. These games represent most of the worthwhile RPG’s for the system. High among them stands Shining Force II.