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Fans don’t know whether to cheer or cringe whenever something new is announced regarding Superman. The same could probably be said for most hero outings, although the incredible Iron Man and The Dark Knight have thankfully gone quite a ways towards reversing that sad trend. There was a time, however, when gamers would eagerly wade into the newest releases, ever hoping that each would be the one to set the standard. Sunsoft’s Superman isn’t such a game because its potential is cancelled out by repetitive level design and uninspired gameplay. Even so, it might be worth checking out for fans of Big Blue. Look! Up on the site! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s our full review!

Genesis Reviews

Death and Return of Superman

Many people believe that DC Comics jumped the shark with the Death of Superman storyline. We all know that flagship comic book characters never stay dead (Jean Grey and Captain America, anyone?), but the completely silly way in which the writers handled Supes’ “death” and return was enough to make issue #75 of Superman end up less valuable than a square of used Cottonelle. The Sunsoft Genesis game was almost as bad, and it had few redeeming qualities as a beat-’em-up. Hey, at least it wasn’t as bad as Marvel’s Spider-Man clone saga…