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Genesis Reviews

Micro Machines Military

Micro Machines have a proven track record on the Genesis, and no matter which one you chose, you’re bound to find a great game. Those who have already tried other releases in the series might want to check out Micro Machines Military, which puts a weapons-based spin on the gameplay. It’s not entirely revolutionary, but it still makes for a great time.

Genesis Reviews

Cosmic Spacehead

The Genesis is the home to many Amiga ports, as the hardware similarities the two share made it easy for developers to port over their games quickly. Codemasters, ever the Genesis supporter, brought many titles to Sega’s 16-bit wonder, including Cosmic Spacehead. This quirky little point-and-click adventure is the sequel to Linus Spacehead, which saw release on the NES, and we’ve a full review for you. Enjoy!

Genesis Reviews

Micro Machines Turbo Tournament ‘96

Those who grew up in the early ’90s remember the Micro Machines well. The darn things had toys for just about every vehicle ever made. They had a few games too, and Turbo Tournament ’96 ranks among the best. So many options, so much fun! Our complete write up tells all about this great little racer that you probably overlooked, so check it out and see what you’ve been missing!