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Sega CD Reviews

A-Rank Thunder Tanjouhen

The Mega CD has plenty of great games that never left Japan, and A-Rank Thunder Tanjouhen is one that fans of anime and visual novels should definitely try. The language barrier may be a problem, but the cool character designs and presentation make it worth the effort. We need a fan translation!

Genesis Reviews


Renovation provided a major software lift to the Genesis in its early years, releasing all sorts of titles and covering almost every genre imaginable. Among the RPGs in its line is Traysia, which never really seems to excel at anything. Sometimes fun, often dull, it never really seems to know what it wants to be.

Sega CD Reviews

Cyborg 009

Action titles based on anime are quite common, and for the most part they’re nothing special. Cyborg 009 falls squarely in the middle of the road due to uninspired gameplay and an overall lack of a creative spark. So much could have been done to bring Shotaro Ishinomori’s classic manga to life, but Riot squandered the chance.

Sega CD Reviews


Wolf Team should be sued for false representation. Devastator may look like a great action title featuring a massive robot, but in reality it’s just a mediocre action title with repetitive gameplay. Aside from a few sparse effects, virtually all the power of the Sega CD goes to cut scenes and music , as the gameplay itself is nothing a cart couldn’t handle.

Sega CD Reviews

Arcus I-II-III

While American Sega CD owners were forced-fed FMV titles of all kinds Japanese gamers basked in great titles like Arcus 1-2-3. Telenet served up what was perhaps one of the best RPG sets of the era, a collection of three dungeon crawlers of impressive size and scope. Even with the language barrier, this is one adventure you simply cannot afford to miss.