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Super Kick-Off

Soccer is the world’s most popular sports, but that doesn’t exempt it from crappy games! There have been more than a fair share of duds from publishers over the year, and Super Kick Off sits comfortably on that list. Hey, it’s made by Tiertex! Need I say more?

Genesis Reviews

Turbo OutRun

Sega’s OutRun series has been tearing up the roads for almost three decades. Though gamers received a true sequel only a few years ago with the incredible OutRun 2, there were many titles released in the series during the interval. One arcade sequel that was brought home to Europe and Japan was Turbo OutRun, and while it is faithful to its source material in spirit, the actual execution leaves much to be desired.

Genesis Reviews

Journey from Darkness: Strider Returns

Sometimes, a company gets too complacent with its properties, and decides to farm them out. Big mistake. The result is almost never good, as demonstrated by U.S. Gold’s horrible Journey from Darkness: Strider Returns. It took everything the original game did well and buried it up deep, deep in the Earth, and what was released was decidedly un-Strider-like.