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Slap Fight

When you think shmups, you think Toaplan. It’s been virtually synonymous with the genre for years and has released more hits than you can shake a power up at. A few of its earlier titles got home releases but were confined to Japan. Slap Fight made it to U.S. arcades as Alcon but its Mega Drive port never did, and gamers were once again forced to import. While it won’t send anyone into a frothing frenzy, Slap Fight is a competent little game whose special mode alone makes it worth the price of admission.

Genesis Reviews

Snow Bros. Starring Nick & Tom

Snow Bros.; Possibly one of the most bizarre yet unoriginal arcade style games to be ported from the arcade to the Mega Drive. Don’t get me wrong though just because this game isn’t original doesn’t mean that it is a travesty! In fact Snow Bros is possibly one the most addictive two player games on the Mega Drive, due to its insane length and extremely durable gameplay.