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Uncharted Waters

Ever want to take command of a ship during the Age of Exploration and seek your fortune on the high seas? Well, Koei’s Uncharted Waters lets you do exactly that. Build a fleet and fight others! Explore the world! Plunder and conquer! Win the hand of the princess! And all from your couch!

Genesis Reviews

Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons

It must be really cool to be a pirate. Sailing wherever you want, plundering and looting at a whim, and all the wenches and rum you can handle! For some reason, video games have never gotten that last part right, but they make up for with an engaging storyline and customizable ships! New Horizons: Uncharted Waters 2 is the sequel to the popular pirate RPG that lets players continue the adventure of expanding their wealth and fame as one of the buccaneers of the Caribbean. What it lacks in wenches, it makes up for in great combat and fun!