Tag: Unfinished Business


Unfinished Business: Moon Dancer

Among the slew of Genesis titles that were canceled is Moon Dancer, a strategy/RPG that integrated innovative gameplay mechanics with a large cast and an interesting plot. Some newly-translated details offer more details about the plot and how it played, presenting a deeper look into what could have been a stellar 16-bit title.


Unfinished Business: Ratchet & Bolt

For almost two decades, nothing has been known about the canceled 32X title Ratchet & Bolt. Now, Sega-16 uncovers the complete story, directly from those who created it. With firsthand information and access to the original design documents, we can finally reveal what may have been the best 32X game never made…


Unfinished Business: Virtua Hamster

After months of exhaustive research, Sega-16 finally has the full story behind this most famous of “never was” 16-bit Sega games. We’ve spoken to all the major players involved, and we were given access to much never-before-seen concept art. Check out the first installment of our new Unfinished Business series and see exactly what happened to Virtua Hamster.