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Interview: Frank Trzcinski (PS2 VectorMan Concept Artist)

Several years ago, Sega announced a Playstation 2 sequel to its VectorMan games. Video was shown, and the game seemed on track for a 2004 release. Then, it was canceled without warning, and little was heard from it again. That all changed last month when the game’s former lead production designer released some concept art, and we just knew we had to talk to him.

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Interview: Richard Karpp (BlueSky Software Programmer)

During Blue Sky Software’s stellar run on the Genesis it was the home to many talented artists and designers. One of its brightest stars was Richard Karpp, who had a hand in many classics and was the designer on BlueSky’s most memorable title, VectorMan. As both a designer and programmer, Karpp has lent his talents to many of the company’s Genesis titles, including Starflight and Jurassic Park. He has most recently been credited as one of the programmers for SCEA’s Playstation 2 hit The Mark of Kri and its sequel Rise of the Kasai.

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Forgotten Franchises: VectorMan

I was very excited when I heard that Sega was bringing back a few of its Genesis franchises for PS2. Along with a new incarnation of Altered Beast, they also decided to give Vectorman a new lease on life. Unfortunately, our hero forgot to read the “Proprietor has the right to cancel at any time” clause in said lease. The game was canned early in development and Vectorman was sent back to the end of the huge line of Sega properties awaiting another chance to shine.