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Smurfs 2: Smurfs Travel the World

Those little blue buggers are back on the Mega Drive, and this time they’re out to see the world! Join Inquisitive Smurf and Smurfette as they seek out shards of the Magic Crystal so they can get home. Released only in Europe, the second Smurf game featured little more than decent visuals and simplistic gameplay. But then, what’d you expect?

Genesis Reviews


Like them or hate them, there’s no denying the undying popularity of Peyo’s little blue people. The Smurfs have spent the past two decades permeating every aspect of our culture (some even say it’s a communist conspiracy!), and yes, even our poor Genesis has been steamrolled by their cuteness. Two games found their way to the European Mega Drive, one of which resurfaced as a rare Mega CD release. The first title puts you in the roles of several of the more popular Smurfs, but how does it compare to other cartoon and comic heroes like Mickey Mouse?