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Dreamcast Reviews


Visual Concepts took its ground-breaking NBA 2K game and retooled it for the following season, adding online play and a new Street Mode. The result was the finest basketball game available at the time, and a contender seemingly able to take on anything EA or other publishers had to offer.

Genesis Reviews


Namco had a rocky start on the Genesis, hampered by Nintendo’s ironclad licensing agreements. When it was finally free to publish on the platform, the company let loose with a slew of quality software. Among the titles released was a fighter that was almost instantly overshadowed by the impending transition to 32-bit consoles. WeaponLord was a deep and intriguing brawler, and too many gamers overlooked it in their mad dash to the next generation.

Genesis Reviews


After the blockbuster debut of Capcom’s seminal Street Fighter II, it seemed that everyone was trying to cash in on the fighting game craze, no matter how bad their offering was. Interplay made a shameless bid for gamer’s dollars with ClayFighter, a stiff and nearly unplayable brawler that justified small children’s fear of the circus.

Sega 32X Reviews

Toughman Contest (32X)

There are tons of boxing games out there and sadly, most of them stink. That’s why NES owners were so darn lucky to get Mike Tyson’s Punchout. The awesome action was matched only by the memorable characters, and Sega gamers spent years on the outside looking in. In 1995, Electronic Arts sought to rectify that with Toughman Contest for the fledgling 32X. Was it as good as Nintendo’s effort? You’ll have to read our full review to find out!