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Genesis Reviews

Second Samurai

Region-specific games are the bane of fans of all consoles. No matter how many great games come to one’s specific region, there is always a ton more that got left somewhere else. The Genesis is no exception, and there are more awesome titles left in Europe and Japan than you can shake a Menacer at. Second Samurai is one such title, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right now wondering what the heck game it was that we just mentioned. See? That’s what happens when games stay in just one region!

Genesis Reviews

Street Racer

Street Racer appeared on several formats in 1995. The goal when creating this game appeared to be to produce a racer that didn’t just involve using the cars to race, and while this doesn’t make for an exactly unique experience, it certainly made for a refreshing alternative for all the racing game players out there.