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Saturn Reviews

Enemy Zero

Warp’s ambitious, sci-fi survival horror romp was unique on the Saturn but it was also not very exciting. Repetitive environments, vague objectives, and uninspired puzzles take away from the amazing ambiance. Still, you might want to check out Enemy Zero just to experience the tension and fear for yourself.

Dreamcast Reviews


Warp’s long-anticipated sequel to its 32-bit horror game D finally arrived on the Dreamcast in 2000, and it didn’t live up to fans’ expectations. Its gameplay was slow and tedious, the plot was downright weird, and the story progression was often frustrating. Still, there was something about it that made players forge on to uncover the mystery behind Laura’s final adventure.

Saturn Reviews


Warp’s horror title D likely did more to establish the reputation of its creator, Kenji Eno, than it did to advance its genre, but the game is a solid bit of fun. It was challenging and created a great atmosphere, despite some visual shortcomings and linear gameplay. It’s a great example of Eno’s visionary storytelling methods and is definitely worth checking out.