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Sega CD Reviews

Wheel of Fortune (CD)

For a quarter century, Vanna White has been making a fortune turning letters on a wall, even after technology had long made her obsolete. The popularity of Wheel of Fortune has endured for decades, and many a gaming platform has had its own version in some form or another. The Sega CD was no exception, but whatever charm and magic made the show such a hit was completely lost in this horrible version.

Genesis Reviews

Wheel of Fortune

If there’s one thing that lasts forever, it’s the game show. Staples like Jeopardy! and The Price is Right have been on TV since the dawn of mankind, and they’re still going strong. Also among the game show elite is Wheel of Fortune, which recently celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. As with Jeopardy! Gametek squeezed the license dry by releasing versions for every piece of electronics on the market.