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Wolf Team should be sued for false representation. Devastator may look like a great action title featuring a massive robot, but in reality it’s just a mediocre action title with repetitive gameplay. Aside from a few sparse effects, virtually all the power of the Sega CD goes to cut scenes and music , as the gameplay itself is nothing a cart couldn’t handle.

Sega CD Reviews

Arcus I-II-III

While American Sega CD owners were forced-fed FMV titles of all kinds Japanese gamers basked in great titles like Arcus 1-2-3. Telenet served up what was perhaps one of the best RPG sets of the era, a collection of three dungeon crawlers of impressive size and scope. Even with the language barrier, this is one adventure you simply cannot afford to miss.

Sega CD Reviews

Earnest Evans (CD)

Wolf Team worked on a trio of games that told the story two adventurers out to save the world. Opinions on Anet’s two outings are varied, but people are pretty much in the same boat when it comes to the first game, Earnest Evans. A great idea and some nifty presentation are undone by ridiculous sprite animation and wonky control. This was supposed to rival Indiana Jones but fell short on so many levels.

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Renovation was quite a prolific publisher during the Genesis era, and it almost single-handedly kept the space shooter (shmup) genre alive for a long time. Among its selection of quality releases was a port of the Sega CD shmup Sol-Feace, itself a conversion of the Sharp X68000 original. Despite the name change to Sol-Deace and not having the bells and whistles of the CD version, the cart rendition is more than capable of standing on its own. Read the full review for more details.