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Master System Reviews

Sagaia (Master System)

Taito brought its Darius goodness to both the Genesis and the Master System (outside the U.S.), and the latter turned out to be a very good version. It’s lacking in some areas, but the overall essence of the game still shines through. Fans will want to try and catch this fish and give it a play.

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The Bitmap Brothers were known on the Amiga for creating unique styles of game design that meshed original concepts with solid presentation and gameplay. Several of the company’s releases made the jump to the Genesis, including the action/platformer Gods. Was anything lost in translation? Read our full review to find out!

Master System Reviews


Taito’s sword-wielding barbarian hacks his way onto the Master System! A port of the popular arcade classic, the 8-bit version went through some graphical and gameplay changes in the process, but it does a surprisingly good job of capturing all the fun of the original. This is one adventure you’ll want to go on!

Master System Reviews

Ninja Gaiden (Master System)

Sega fans had the Shinobi series, and there were always comparisons between it and Ninja Gaiden on the NES. While both are great, Sega fans actually got the better end of the deal. Ninja Gaiden made appearances on the PAL Master System and on the Game Gear. The MS version is as good as you’d expect and well worth tracking down.