Author: David Dyne

Master System Reviews

Submarine Attack

Master System owners looking for a new shooter may want to check out the import-only Submarine Attack. The game boasts some cool presentation and decent gameplay, and it was never released in North America. It may not be the most riveting shmup out there, but it’s solid enough to satisfy that 8-bit itch of those looking for another game in the genre.

Master System Reviews

E-SWAT (Master System)

Sega’s armored cops took arcades and the Genesis by storm, and they eventually set up a precinct on the Master System. Closer to the coin-op than the Genesis version, the 8-bit game provides a decent amount of gameplay with some decent presentation. It’s not as good as its siblings, but it makes for a decent addition to Master System libraries.

Master System Reviews

Cyber Shinobi

You can’t keep a good Musashi down! Cyber Shinobi sees the return of Sega’s favorite ninja to the Master System, and while it may not compare to its classic Genesis siblings, it stands as a solid entry in the series. Some level design and presentation issues keep it from the head of the ninja pack, but it’s definitely worth checking out.