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Genesis Reviews

Goofy’s Hysterical History Tour

If ever there was evidence that not everything Disney was golden, Goofy’s Hysterical History Tour would certainly be exhibit A. There’s nothing hysterical about this one, save for the player’s mental state after watching the moronic main character die for the upteenth time due to shoddy controls and relentless A.I. See folks, this is why we play these games; so you don’t have to. Read our full review of the game and then go play some Quackshot to wash the dirty off.

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Side by Side: Castle of Illusion (Genesis vs. Game Gear)

Sega’s Castle of Illusion is considered a classic by many Genesis fans, but what many people don’t know is that a Master System version was also released. To some, it’s actually the better of the two, and being the diehard Mickey fans that we are, we decided to put the two into the spotlight and see which came out on top. The verdict? They’re both two damn fine games that any platformer fan needs to play. Read all about our comparison in the latest installment of our Side by Side series.

Sega 32X Reviews


When the 32X had finally laid down to die, it managed to breathe its last in Europe, in the form of the technologically impressive DarXide. Forced to change the name of its wonder cart for trademark reasons, Frontier Developments somehow managed to squeeze power out of the defunct mushroom like no other company could. The fruit of the company’s labor now goes for a small fortune on auction sites, and the high price definitely begs the question: is it worth the money? For the answer, my friend, you’ll have to read our full review!

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Double Take: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Normally, we don’t update on weekends. However, the death of pop icon Michael Jackson, moves us to offer up something in tribute. Jackson was a man who was closely tied to Sega for a decade, from his initial Moonwalker title to the rumors surrounding his involvement in Sonic 3 and his later appearances in both Space Channel 5 games and Ready to Rumble. His link with Sega is now forever broken, but Genesis fans still have the great Moonwalker to cherish and play.

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Sega Ages: The “Genesis Does” Games

Sega launched its frontal assault on everything Nintendo with both an magazine and television campaign that famously stated that “Genesis does what Nintendon’t.” To this day, gamers remember that catchy jingle from the commercials (most of which can be found in our video archive), but are all the games worthy of their hype? Staff writer Christian Matozzo takes a closer look at them to find out in the latest installment of Sega Ages.