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Sega Ages: John Madden Football

With the NFL playoffs entering high gear, we take a look back at the video game franchise that is virtually synonymous with American football. The Madden games have enjoyed continued success on many different consoles, but it was on the Genesis that it really became a powerhouse franchise. Come in and see the evolution of a true gaming juggernaut.

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Sega Ages: Sonic The Hedgehog

No Genesis celebration would be complete without some tribute to the character who made it such a success to begin with. Yes, I’m of course referring to Alex Ki… what? Oops! Sorry, I meant his replacement, Sonic The Hedgehog. We’ve compiled a short rundown of all the Blue Blur’s Genesis adventures, so read the full article and be sure to check out our complete history on the series as well.

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Sega Ages: The “Genesis Does” Games

Sega launched its frontal assault on everything Nintendo with both an magazine and television campaign that famously stated that “Genesis does what Nintendon’t.” To this day, gamers remember that catchy jingle from the commercials (most of which can be found in our video archive), but are all the games worthy of their hype? Staff writer Christian Matozzo takes a closer look at them to find out in the latest installment of Sega Ages.