Author: David Patricola

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Stories from the Book of Genesis Vol. 13

Not often enough, a video game fan gets to live out a dream. Whether it’s taking part in a game’s actual creation or meeting one of those responsible, one must jump at the chance when it presents actually itself. Such was the case with our latest feature, where Sega-16 contributor David Patricola got to actually meet one of his gaming idols: the famed Yuzo Koshiro. Check out volume thirteen of Stories from the Book of Genesis for the scoop!

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His time at the top was all too brief, and many fans are still lamenting the Tick’s disappearance from the comic limelight. Hey, if the Ninja Turtles can make a comeback, why not him? During the height of his popularity, the Tick even had his own game, which seemed to signal the start of the character’s fall.

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Lunar: Eternal Blue

Lunar Eternal Blue was the highest-selling title in Sega CD history and rightly so. Mixing incredible storytelling with a solid battle engine and loveable characters, it was everything a sequel should be. Working Designs scored big with this one and it’s a title that deserves to be in any self-respecting Sega CD owner’s collection.