Author: David Steyer

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Sega Gear: Sega Remote Arcade System

Chances are, you’ve at one time or another wanted to escape the confines of your Genesis pad’s cord. While not short by any means, it can still be more restrictive than it should. You’ve probably also considered getting a wireless pad, but don’t find the technology of the time very enticing. Perhaps then, you should give Sega’s Remote Arcade System a shot, as it’s by far one of the best wireless controllers to come out during the 16-bit period. And just to get you all giddy inside, we’ve got a full review of it in the latest installment of Sega Gear.

Sega 32X Reviews

Motocross Championship

Oh look, a motocross game on the 32X! If only it were as good as we had hoped it would be. Sadly, Motocross Championship is one of those games that friends point to and snicker whenever you try to defend your investment in a 32X system. It’s ok friends. We know exactly how you feel. Come read our full review and let us ease your pain.

Genesis Reviews

Earnest Evans

There’s a right way to do an adventure game, and there’s Earnest Evans. So much potential wasted…While not a truly bad game, there was enough wrong to make you wonder what had happened. It was the type of game you really wanted to like but never matched the original (which wasn’t a triple A title to begin with).