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SG-1000 Reviews

Chack’n Pop

As a precursor to Taito’s Bubble Bobble series, Chack’n Pop is a great little maze game that far too few people have had the chance to play. It’s one of the great number of fun SG-1000 titles that don’t get enough love, and it’s entirely playable in English.

Master System Reviews

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Rambo II was the Master System’s first big-name, two-player run-‘n-gun, and it was a pretty fun romp while it lasted. Varied environments and lots of enemies helped make up for the game’s relatively slow pace, and the soundtrack is highly underrated. This is one gem that Master System owners should give a try.

Genesis Reviews

LHX Attack Chopper

The Genesis hosts a slew of 3D military simulators, giving players the chance to pilot tanks, planes, and helicopters in flat-shaded, polygonal battlegrounds. Electronic Arts’ LHX Attack Chopper is one that has a decent game experience to offer if you can get past the slow pace and learning curve.

Genesis Reviews

It Came from the Desert

One of the more famous Genesis titles that was completed but never given a commercial release, It Came from the Desert has been freely available in ROM form for years. Cinemaware’s lost Genesis game may not be ground-shaking, but it’s worth checking out to see what could have been another addition to the console’s robust library.

Genesis Reviews


Arriving late in the lifespan of the Genesis, Marsupilami is a platformer that’s based on a popular European comic. It tries to mix up the genre by adding in a different type of gameplay mechanic, but it doesn’t always succeed as planned. Even so, it’s very playable and looks great, making it worthy of some attention.