Author: Joseph C.

Sega CD Reviews

Black Hole Assault

After Capcom’s Street Fighter II exploded onto the scene, dozens of copycats popped up on consoles everywhere. Among them was Black Hole Assault, an early Sega CD brawler that was only slightly less yawn-inducing than most of the other imitations out there. Even the cool cut scenes and CD soundtrack couldn’t save this one from obscurity. Read our full review, and remember that we play bad games so you don’t have to!

Genesis Reviews

Back to the Future Part III

Sometimes, a game comes along that totally justifies the stigma attached to licensed titles. We’re talking utter trash here, and a few releases can be quickly named when one is asked to mention which ones stand out the most (anyone remember LJN’s abysmal X-Men game for the NES?). Back to the Future Part III is a card-carrying member of that sorry list.

Genesis Reviews

Taz in Escape from Mars

Taz’s first Genesis adventure still meets mixed reactions wherever you go. Some people like it, and others hate it with a passion. Regardless of which is the majority, Sega obviously thought it sold well enough to give the sequel a green light. This time around, the famous Looney Toon found himself on Mars, and his adventure pitted him against an entire cast of famous Warner Bros. characters. Did it live up to its predecessor, and more importantly, should you track down a copy?