Author: Jake McMasters

Sega CD Reviews

Prize Fighter

The Sega CD will forever be remembered for having the largest library of FMV games around, and there are a ton of different opinions regarding the overall playability of the genre. Regardless of how you feel about them, one thing we can probably all agree on is that some FMV games should maybe never have been attempted at all due to the gameplay constraints they placed on the concept they were trying so hard to bring to life.

Sega CD Reviews

Ninja Warriors

Taito released plenty of games for the Genesis, but its Sega CD library wasn’t quite as robust. Some of the games that made it onto the add-on seem to have a “B grade” quality to them, and after playing The Ninja Warriors for the Japanese Mega CD, that assessment might actually be too generous. Granted, the source material isn’t that deep to begin with, but one questions why the CD technology seemed to only be used for redbook audio. What a waste.

Sega CD Reviews

Jeopardy! (CD)

Jeopardy! is one of the longest running game shows in history (Bob Barker and The Price is Right still owns them all), and just about every console under the Sun has seen some version of it. The Sega CD is a member of this club, with an enhanced version of the Genesis cartridge. If you’re looking for some game show action, why not read our full review and see if this version is the one to get?