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While Saturn fans awaited Sonic’s debut, they were introduced to a new character that blended both 2D and 3D gameplay for a new type of platforming experience. It doesn’t always work, but Bug! has enough charm and depth to offer a fun time for those looking for another platformer for their Saturn.

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Sega complemented Columns on the Game Gear with 1991’s Slider, a cute little action puzzle title highly reminiscent of Adventures of Lolo or Zoom!. Tight gameplay and colorful visuals make this one a fun experience in short bursts, despite the lack of boss battles and sometimes frustrating level design.

Saturn Reviews

Panzer Dragoon

Sega almost made up for the Saturn’s surprise launch with the phenomenal Panzer Dragoon. Inspired and full of ambiance, it wrapped simple, on-rails gameplay in brilliant presentation and showed us just what Sega’s next-gen hardware could do. This was the centerpiece of the Saturn’s early library and the forerunner of one of its greatest franchises.

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Classic Interview: Patrick Lavanant (Sega France)

This interview with Sega France’s General Director Patrick Lavanant covers a variety of topics, including Sega’s multiple hardware platforms, the new 32-bit generation, the Sega Channel, and even Sega VR. It’s a fascinating look into one of Sega Europe’s biggest divisions and how it viewed the game market as the 16-bit generation entered its twilight.