Author: Mel Viel

Genesis Reviews

Mortal Kombat 3

It’s hard to believe they’ve made as many Mortal Kombat games as they have, and the series seems as popular as ever. One of the most anticipated installments was Mortal Kombat III, which was released on a whole slew of consoles. The Genesis version held its own, and offered gamers another reason to piss off legislators.

Sega 32X Reviews

Mortal Kombat II (32X)

After making a huge splash on the SNES and Genesis, Mortal Kombat II arrived on the game-starved 32X. Gamers anxiously awaited an arcade-perfect port, a game that would finally vindicate their faith in Sega’s add-on and give naysayers a reason to keep quiet. Did they get it? Read the review and find out!

Genesis Reviews

Altered Beast

It’s been fifteen years since Altered Beast was originally released, and it has aged poorly. Its very simple gameplay consists of a screen scrolling from left to right (forcibly) and punching and kicking a small selection of monsters. Two players can fight simultaneously but the large sprites make it uncomfortable at times.

Genesis Reviews

Ghouls ‘N Ghosts

Released in 1989, the word was that Ghouls ‘N Ghosts was an almost perfect arcade conversion of the original Capcom Arcade, although I hear some of the backgrounds were changed in one of the later areas. Regardless, this is one of the finest platformers on the Genesis, even 15 years after its release.