Author: Nick McLean

Sega CD Reviews

Links: The Challenge of Golf

It’s always a shame when new hardware is released, and developers fail to take advantage of it for their games. Every console is guilty of this to some regard, but console gamers first really began to feel the frustration with the Sega CD. A slew of cartridge ports with redbook soundtracks made it clear that many developers had neither the skill nor the interest in using the CD-ROM format to its fullest potential. Vrigin’s Links: The Challenge of Golf is a great example. With so much memory and CD sound, it’s a shame more wasn’t done to make it more than just a sub par (ha!) game that pales next to its PC siblings.

Features, Stories from the Book of Genesis

Stories from the Book of Genesis Vol. 21

Given the ever-decreasing availability of older games in major retail stores, the only choice a retro gamer has to rely on thrift and pawn shops. Those with experience in this area know well what it’s like to scour their neighborhoods and even make trips into other towns to see if the fishing is better. Most of the time, pickings are slim and the only thing taken home is a mounting sense of disappointment. Sometimes though, a gamer gets lucky and makes a great score.

Features, Stories from the Book of Genesis

Stories from the Book of Genesis Vol. 19

It’s never too late to become a Genesis fan, and Sega’s little black box is still attracting gamers a decade after it was officially put to rest. Many people have come to it over the years, looking to Sega’s quality arcade ports and original properties for experiences from a bygone era. Others, after years of loyalty to competitors, decided to give the Genesis a shot several times, but circumstances kept them from finally realizing their intentions.