Author: Sebastian Sponsel

Saturn Reviews

House of the Dead, The

Blasting zombies with a light gun never gets old! Sega’s House of the Dead tore up arcades in 1996, and its Saturn port brought all the gory action home two years later. The visuals took a major hit, but the gameplay and design were mostly unscathed, offering a solid and fun light gun title that’s worth checking out.

Saturn Reviews

Virtua Cop 2 (Saturn)

Sega set a new benchmark for light gun games in 1995 with Virtua Cop 2. Improving on almost everything that made the original game so great, the sequel came locked and loaded to the Saturn, giving players one of the signature titles in the genre. If you own a Saturn, this one needs to be on your shelf.

Genesis Reviews

Premier Manager

Like soccer? Enjoy simulation games? Then we have a combination for you. Premier Manager brings all the excitement of the industry to your Genesis sans the gameplay, presentation, and excitement typically associated with the sport. It’s deep and involving but not overly exciting if you’re used to traditional soccer titles.

Game Gear Reviews

Ganbare Gorby!

Sometimes, the weirdest concepts can make for a fun game, and few get weirder than Ganbare Gorby! for the Game Gear. What can one say about a puzzle game where you play as the former Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev as he passes out food and items to citizens? Weirdness aside, it’s an entertaining puzzle title worth tracking down.