Author: Sebastian Sponsel

SG-1000 Reviews

Black Onyx, The

Largely unknown to Western games, The Black Onyx is something of a legend in Japan and laid the foundation for many console and computer RPGs to come. It’s quite barebones now, but it’s remarkable that the SG-1000 even got the game, considering it was released well into the Famicom era.

Sega CD Reviews

Syndicate (CD)

Bullfrog’s dystopian classic saw a European Mega CD release, but it didn’t do much more than the cartridge version. Some lengthened cut scenes and a new soundtrack might entice some, and it still plays as well as its Genesis sibling. It’s not a bad purchase if it can be had for a decent price.

Saturn Reviews

Three Dirty Dwarves

The heroes of SegaSoft’s beat-’em-up were nothing like the dwarves you grew up with! Greg, Taconic, and Corthag starred in a wacky brawler that gave Saturn owners a different take on an established genre. Its quirkiness didn’t always make for a smooth ride, but the good far outweighs the bad.