Author: Rodger Swan

Sega CD Reviews

Revenge of the Ninja

Renovation took advantage of the massive storage capacity of CDs to port a few arcade laser disc games. One of the lesser-known (and weaker) of the bunch was Revenge of the Ninja. Having to share shelf space with more prominent titles like Road Avenger and Time Gal, it seems to always be forgotten… and with good reason.

Sega CD Reviews

Terminator (CD)

Virgin Games produced some quality licensed software during the 16-bit era, and it complimented hits like Aladdin and The Lion King with a great version of James Cameron’s masterpiece The Terminator. As Kyle Reese, players battle through both the present and the future in their quest to save the innocent Sara Conner from the evil cyborg out to kill her. Sega CD owners got treated to a stellar Tommy Tallarico soundtrack, extra levels, and all around solid gameplay.