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Mazin Saga: Mutant Fighter

Everyone who likes Japanese animation knows of Mazinger Z. The classic series has been cultivating a fanbase for almost four decades, and there has been everything from toys to video games based on the character. The Genesis got something of a “remixed” version of Mazinger Z in Vic Tokai’s Mazin Saga: Mutant Fighter, a re-imagined telling of the mythos through some side-scrolling beat-’em-up action and a few stiff fighting scenes.

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Genesis Around the World: Akihabara, Japan

Gamers around the world long to visit Akihabara, Japan. Long known as a haven of everything retro, it holds many items that westerners can only obtain online, if at all. Some are lucky enough to find themselves in such a great place for spending their deflated dollars on everything Mega Drive, and staff writer Rodger Swan is one such man. Sega-16’s very own Man in Japan gives us a brief tour of one of his outings to the famed electronics district in the newest edition of Genesis Around the World. Read on dear friend, and don’t forget to bring some napkins. Trust us, you’ll need them.

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Star Wars: Rebel Assault

Star Wars fans rejoiced when LucasArts released Rebel Assault for PC CD-ROM in 1993. It featured the first new footage filmed since Return of the Jedi, a decade before, and it was the game everyone seemingly had been waiting for. Eventually ported to Mac and the 3DO, the game eventually made its way to the Sega CD. Since Rebel Assault was a game that pushed PCs of the time to the limit, you can imagine how the port turned out.

Genesis Reviews


Everyone knows that the Genesis has a… generous selection of platformers. There’s literally more than you can imagine, and such a genre glut is sure to mean that some of the good ones are going to get overlooked. Take TinHead, for instance. Solid gameplay, great presentation, and a likeable character all make for a fun game, but most people haven’t played it. Have you?

Sega CD Reviews

Cliffhanger (CD)

Based on the suprisingly successful Stallone movie of the same name, it’s your run-of-the-mill cash run that lacks all the creativity and fun we’ve come to expect from most licensed titles. We’ve a full review for you, so take a deep breath and read on gentle gamer.