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Taito apparently loved the Genesis, publishing a multitude of arcade ports that were highly playable, despite being toned down (downright cut up in some cases). There were quite a few games that never made the transition to the home market, but most of the company’s arcade catalogue of the time got a Genesis release. Cadash was one title that saw some questionable changes in its port (I understand only having two-player co-op, but why remove characters?) yet still remained enjoyable.

Sega CD Reviews


We’re back with another review, this time for the Sega CD action/RPG Heimdall. Ported from the popular computer formats of the time, Heimdall struggled to adapt to a controller-based gameplay scheme. It was passed over by many a gamer, so we went back and checked if they might have missed something. Did they? Methinks thou hast best read our full review to find out!

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Sega RPGs: Where’s the Respect?

For over two decades, gamers have been quick to associate anyone else but Sega with the RPG genre, citing that there were no memorable titles or laughably, that the Genesis had almost none. Were they to take a closer look, they’d see a catalogue of franchises that are not only top-tier, but also as enduring as anything the competition can muster. So why all the hate?

Sega CD Reviews


After gifting gamers with the RPG bliss that was Lunar the Silver Star, Working Designs got to work localizing their second release, Vay. Considered to be the hardest of the WD Sega CD quartet, it was actually a sweet little game, and it featured some interesting story elements to boot.