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Creative Genesis: I Robotnik

Fans go to great lengths to show their love for a particular game or character, and what better way to do so than to fashion a custom-made costume? Cosplay is big among fans, and recently even staff writer Vince Thornburg got in on the act! Traveling to Ohayocon 2008 in downtown Columbus, Vince took on the persona of everyone’s favorite Sonic villain, Ivo Robotnik!

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Creative Genesis: Video Game DJ

Being the huge fan of video games that we are, it is no surprise that we’re fans of the Genesis. The console has a very special place in our hearts, and titles such as Phantasy Star IV, Sonic The Hedgehog (parts I and II), and Landstalker will remain favorites forever. That said, contributor Felipe Fortes was tossing around the idea of making a special DJ set comprised only of video game music and share his passion towards game music with his friends and everyone who just wants to have a terrific time at a night club.

Creative Genesis, Features

Creative Genesis: 16-bit As Art

Besides having a ton of great games, the Genesis is also home to some incredible creativity on the part of its fans. Today we kick off a new feature series that delves into this oft-mentioned but little analyzed aspect of the console we all love. The first installment of Creative Genesis looks at some of the great artwork that has appeared over the years, both official and fan-based. There’s also a bit of cosplay tossed in for good measure (you know you want to see this!).