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Creative Genesis: 2080: “My Mega Drive” Video

Normally, we don’t update on the weekends. However, this was just too good to leave until Thursday for a feature update! Internet band 2080 has crafted an incredible song about the Sega Genesis called “My Mega Drive” (off its EP “The Backup”), and it even released an official video to go with it, all in glorious 16-bit style! Nothing is worse than losing your Genesis, and the video shows just how far one Segaphile is willing to go to get his back. It’s an incredibly well-done tribute to our favorite console, so enjoy the video below! Check out 2080’s YouTube and Facebook pages for more band info, and head over to its iTunes page to grab the EP.

Thanks to forum member Christuserloeser for pointing this out to us.



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  2. This Rocks! It’s really awesome how much love there is for Sega and retro gaming out there 🙂
    This really made my day.

  3. That was awesome.

  4. This is made of epic and win.

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