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Genre Spotlight: Fighter Frenzy

Quite often, people hark on the Genesis’s supposed shortcomings in certain genres. Such was the case with its RPGs, even though there are almost as many as there are shmups. The same situation occurs with its fighting games. Well guess what? Sega-16 decided to sit down and look at every single fighting game there is on the Genesis – all 46 of them – and we’re pretty confident when we say that the genre is quite healthy. Don’t believe us? Read our latest installment of our Genre Spotlight series, the Fighter Frenzy, and see for yourself!

Features, Genre Spotlight

Genre Spotlight: Wrestling Wassail

While Wrestling games usually seem to only come in handfuls, the Genesis actually had a bit more than that from which to choose. A few are even good enough to enjoy even if you think that “professional” wrestling on TV is just a plain waste of time. So, in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl of wrestling, here’s a little piece on what Sega’s 16-bit bad boy had to offer.