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Genre Spotlight: Game Show Grab Bag

Gametek will probably always be remembered for inundating the gaming scene with game show releases. Truthfully, I think the bargain bins in Toys R Us still hold sealed copies of Jeopardy! for the Sega CD. The remarkable thing is that when you take a closer look, there are only a handful of game show releases for the Genesis and its add-ons. We’ve rounded them up for you in mini edition of Genre Spotlight, so read on and see if any of them are worth your time.

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Genre Spotlight: Soccer-Rama

The Super Bowl is practically upon us, so we’ve decided to celebrate this great American sports tradition with a new Genre Spotlight article covering all the football games available on the Genesis. Wait…excuse me… (takes note handed from offscreen)… Sorry ladies and gentlemen. It seems our article is on the sport the rest of the world calls football, that which we Americans know as soccer. Not a problem! A great sport deserves all the same coverage, so we’ve rounded up all of them for you in a comprehensive piece. Read the full article and lace up those cleats!

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Genre Spotlight: Full-Motion Video Madness

Sega-16’s Genre Spotlight series is designed to examine every single Genesis/Sega CD/32X title available for a specific category, be it fighters, RPGs, or shmups. It’s a hard, time-consuming thing to do, but all other entries pale before this latest installment. Staff writer Patrick Wainwright has boldly gone where no one has gone before: full motion video games. Yes, Patrick dove head-first into perhaps the most controversial genre of them all, and his hard work has given us a great piece on all the FMV games released for the Sega CD/32X. Check out his awesome article Full Motion Madness for all the details. Welcome to the Next Level.