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Missing Mascots: James Pond

Among the many mascots to grace the Genesis library, James Pond occupies a unique position. Being both a console and computer star, he suddenly disappeared from the public eye… at least in the U.S. It turns out he’s been an active star in his native U.K. for some time after the fall of the 16-bit era. I guess the fame was too much for him. Read all about in the newest installment of our Missing Mascots series!

Features, Missing Mascots

Missing Mascots: Alex Kidd

The Genesis is a digital graveyard of mascots that were unable to survive the jump to next generation consoles. As time has proven, not even the mightiest and most popular are immune. Take Alex Kidd, for example. Once the unofficial face of Sega and the star of a half dozen adventures, he was laid low by a Sonic boom in 1991. But did he really have to disappear? Was he just the victim of circumstance, or did Sega consciously kill him off?