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Sounds of Sega: Turbo OutRun (Arcade)

Following up a soundtrack as timeless as OutRun’s was a difficult proposition, but 1989’s Turbo OutRun made an excellent try at it. Its selection of fast-paced themes echoed the new racing style that still leaves fans of the series divided today. Despite the controversy surrounding the changes to the gameplay, this was a great score that deserves some attention.

Features, Sounds of Sega

A Night at Play! A Video Game Symphony

Some of the more lucky among us have had the chance to experience their favorite video game themes play live. In the U.S. the majority of this exposure has come through the popular Video Games Live tour, which has traveled the lengths of the country over the past few years. There is another tour though, one with a more international flavor. Play! Video Game Symphony offers a compelling mixture of new and old themes, with some highly talented musicians and conductors giving some beloved themes a symphonic flair.